The Boulder Homes Process

Our goal as your buyer agent is to create as much value for you as possible. We teach the agents in my office the same thing. In this market you need an agent that is quick to respond, someone with experience in the local market, someone with top notch negotiating skills, and someone with a large network. The video on the right details our process, please watch to learn more.

001: Curiosity

One of the top fears when exploring the open market is losing the property you loved the most. We can personally empathize with this this which is why we are super responsive to our clients. The house in which we currently live in downtown Boulder came on the market at 8am one morning. By 10am we had toured the home and met the owner. By 12pm we had an offer submitted. By 4pm we were under contract. The early bird gets the worm. Get the picture?

002: Interest

The second fear is that we are missing out on another property that falls within all your necessary criteria. What else is available? Is there a property on the market that better suits your needs? Don’t worry! We will guide you through a comprehensive list of items and potentials to avoid this pitfall.

003: Desire

The third fear surrounds paying too much for your potential new home. Again, don’t worry! Our background in investment real estate comes to the rescue! We compare home values all day long, for fun! We understand all the local markets and trends and relay this information on to you so you can make the best decision possible.

004: Commitment

The fourth fear is that there is something wrong with the property. Many properties in Boulder are older and in need of repair so this is a valid concern. Again, my team of committed professionals will thoroughly inspect the property for any potential issues during the inspection period.  We will then guide you through this sometimes convoluted process and show you all the pro’s and con’s of each property.

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Please contact us to see how we can make buying or selling your next home a memorable experience! If you have any questions at all please feel free to call or email, we’re standing by to assist you.


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