Investments are an essential part of any portfolio.  Our experience in the real estate investment environment has given us countless numbers of insights into making the best decisions possible.  We are always here to help you make the best decisions for your future!

Svein Groem Boulder Homes Boulder Colorado Real Estate Broker

Svein owns numerous investment properties personally, both here in Colorado and also in Arizona. He has done several fix and flips, fix and hold’s, and many wholesale deals with other investors using real estate to leverage investment goals. He love showing his clients and the other agents in his office how to do this to their fullest capabilities.

From an investment perspective it’s all about crunching the numbers. We always look for cash flow opportunities for our investment clients. We personally invented a special type of software for this particular purpose that includes holding costs, repair estimates, rent estimates, cash on cash returns, cap rates, etc. to best calculate what to offer on any type of property. If it doesn’t make sense from a numbers perspective we move on to the next property.

We always discuss exit strategies for our clients as well. What happens if the market turns tomorrow? Do you have the ability to sell, rent, or do something else to enhance the value of your property?  The more exit strategies you have the more protected your investment will be.

The key to any investment real estate deal, or any other type of real estate deal for that matter, is to buy the property right. We always talk about buying into an equity position.  Don’t overpay for a property.  Move on to the next one instead.

Svein Groem Boulder Homes Boulder Colorado Real Estate Broker

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